Music choice

As a group me Brittany and Jazmine decided that we wanted our copyright free music not to have any vocals, we also wanted it to have a lot of guitar riffs and to almost be soft rock, as this music genre would be listened to by students in an American high school and therefore this music type would be conventional to our title sequence genre. After identifying the type of music me was looking for,for our title sequence we began looking on copyright free music websites and found that Ben Sound had a good variety of music that would fit our criteria.With a poll on both mine and Brittany's blog, we gained the opinions of other people to see if they agree with our music choice, and which one they think suits the genre of our title sequence best. This reassured us that we were making the right decision and allowed us to come to a conclusion of the exact track we would be using which ended up being: 'Happy-Roc'k which happened to be our favourite anyway so it worked out perfectly. 

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