Evaluation part 5: how did you attract/address your audience?

Our target audience for our title sequence was Teenage girls as we have researched films of the same genre such as: clueless, mean girls, American pie and high school musical and they all have a similar target audience to ours .The memorable soundtrack and the use of new and current actors and actress' really appeal to our target audience and we as a group agreed as all of us are teenage girls and all the other teenage girls within our friendship groups and in our class that this would appeal to us .Stereotypically the most common genre for teenage girls to be attracted to when watching trailers or looking at film posters are comedy and drama therefore the use of a high school drama is a perfect way to attract the audience we want.Micro-features proved to be exremley important in the process of trying to attract our audience, these include of the cinematography, sound, editing and mise-en-Scene. We had the advantage of gaining the opinions of other teenagers as we are in an environment where we are surrounded by them, this made it easier in terms of research to find out what would really appeal to them and how we could attract them. Showing the class our sequence and gaining feedback really helped the process although the class is not all teenage girls, it is a class full of teenagers and what they thought we needed to add in order for them to want to watch our film became our main priority. One of the main aspects that would attract an audience is the music used when recieving our feedback most the class said they liked our music choice and once asking the class afterwards, all of them seemed to remember the beat from our sequence. Throughout our feedback we was also told how our mise-en-scene had really fitted well with our setting and audience. 
For a stereotypical teenage girl fashion and overall appearance is very important, therefore making our Elite girls wear a lot of makeup and dressing them in cute,fashionable outfits was very important to us as our aim was to make the target audience idolise these characters and be able to identify with them.This would also help in creating a franchise as girls would develop their own preferences to these girls and want to look just like them, so introducing merchandise would encourage them to do this.This knowledge was gained from researching other films such as clueless and meangirls. Including conventionally good looking and physically fit boys would also entice the hormonal and boy mad teenage girl of this generation and this is why we chose our cast members to enforce this.

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