The 'Popular Girls/elite' scene

Every American high school drama has to have its popular girls and this has become a very leading role in this film genre. You just have to look at films such as Mean girls and 'Clueless' to notice this.Our title sequence has it's own clique of poplar girls called 'The Elite'. Conventionally there is a ring leader in our 'Elite' as Regina George is in Mean Girls and Cher is in Clueless. Ours is Queen B played by Emma Roberts (but Brittany in our title sequence) and her Side kicks are Ellie Whelan and Ella Bradford.In the Girls scene we filmed Brittany taking the book from the jock then walking along the Bench area (using a tracker)as if it were a catwalk and sits down and opens the book. She looks at the sound title page, followed by her own page (The Elite page) and finally the Cinematography title page before shuttuing the book and passing it on to the geek. Me Jazmine and Brittany picked a particulrly sunny day to film in and therefore we was lucky to have good lighting which meant the picture was clear and no alterations to the lighting needed to be made. Initially we filmed Brittany walking over to Ella ( her side kick) and them opening the book together however due to us having to make corrections after our feedback session we had to reshoot and Ella was not available to film on that day so we had to compromise and just use Brittany however it worked out well in the end. For the girls Yearbook photos we did a photoshoot with the three girls.I was present to direct the girls on what actions to do in front of the camera to reflect their characters. We went through quite a lot of actions such as hair flicks, eye rolls and blowing kisses but in the end decided that Ellie would blow a kiss to the camera then smile, Ella would play with her pony tail then smile at the camera & Brittany would play with her hair sarcastically smile then pull a neutral 'Bitch face' to finish. This worked reallyu well and was very effective in conveying each of the girls individual personalities and characteristics instead of them just being clones of each other. 

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