The 'Geek' scene

We casted a male for the geek scene as me wanted to make sure there was no overlapping between the geek and the freak as they are completely different character roles. We set our scene in the science corridor in school as geeks in other high school films we have researched are usually found in the science lab revising chemistry,biology or physics. His costume reflected his character, he wore a chequered shirt, smart trousers that grazed his ankle and glasses with tape (which is a very cliche prop of a geek).We filmed him walking down the corridor and then a shot reverse shot of him walking in to the science lab. As he is the last person to look at the book he closes it and that is where our title sequence ends. Next to his designated page is the graduation page followed by the welling high logo. His page has stickers and badges that support his 'geek' characteristics such as a prefect badge and an A* which Brittany added during the editing stage and a 'success' sticker which we had bought and physically stuck in the book. This scene was successful and I believe conformed to the conventions of the stereotypical 'geek'.


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