The 'Freak' scene

We chose to set our freak scene in the school toilets as the stereotypical 'freak' in american society would not have a designated 'spot' in high school were they could relax, socialise or study due to not gaining acceptance from their peers. This gave us the idea to use the toilet as it is unhygienic and not somewhere anyone would want to hang out, but for our freak who doesn't care to be around their mainstream peers, this would be a perfect place to scour at the year book. When shooting this scene we used an establishing shot to introduce the setting and a birds eye shot when Jazmine(the freak) was opening the pages of the book. She opened the 'JBB productions' page, the 'Directed by B. Humphreys' page and her own 'Freak' page. Initially Brittany filmed the toilet scene inside the cubical and i was in charge of the lighting from outside however due to there being a level of shakiness and graininess when we looked on the computer i had to reshoot this several times using paper to cover the spotlight in the cubical and I used a steady cam to ensure the shot was still. Me and Jazmine played around with the two variables of light and camera angle until we was satisified with how the shot looked although looking back at the final cut there is still room for improvement however we did the best we could with the time restraints. We then filmed Jazmine walking out of the toilet area and throwing the book in the bin to which it fell on the floor and the narrative continues as The Jock picks it up off of the floor to read himself. Although there were some hiccups in this scene i really liked the mise-en-scene elements such as Jazmines make-up and costume which really conforms to the stereotype of her character. She kept her base makeup really pale whilst her eye makeup was very dark and smokey as was her bold black lip. This contrast between the pale foundation and the dark eye and lip make up was very effective in making her look freakishly looking and definitely not the norm. With her costume we kept it to all black as it supported the nature of her character, being quite dark and mysterious. Her hair is very dark which also nicely contrasted with her pale face and tied in with the dark eye make-up. Below are the stills from the freaks year book photos and the toilet setting.

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