Evaluation part 6: What have you learnt about tehcnologies in the process of constructing this product?

Throughout the process of creating our title sequence a lot of different technologies were used to achieve the best possible results.This included both hardware equipment and software such as final cut pro and photoshop.In terms of cinematography we used cannon DSLR to shoot the whole of our title sequence scenes.The steadycam was used when shooting footage from above each character due to the fact that we needed these shots to be as steady as possible with no shakiness in order for our book to be liable to our audience.When the camera followed the characters walking we were using both a tripod and dolly as well as tracking equipment. The use of the internet also played a huge part in the making of our title sequence. It enabled us to find our memorable,catchy copywright free sound track and introduced us to dafont which offers over a thousand unique fonts.Even though editing wasn't my allocated role i still got to use final cut pro to help with editing and before this i was useless at navigating myself around it however now i feel as if i woud be able to use this with some level of confidence in future projects.Photoshop is something i have used for a couple of years now and become quite confident and capable of using. However throughout the process of our title sequence and the preparation and research i gained more experience using this software meaning my skills have improved. My role within the group was the director, so typically i would be less hands on with equipment however due to us helping eachother out i got to experience using a lot of technologies and also directed my other team members on what to do with them to create a good effect and end product.

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