American Pie and the breakfast club title sequence

The American Pie helped us with the foundation and themes of our title sequence. The sequence illustrates the high school years through the use of lined paper and doodles which is something we plan to inspire our title sequence by.Our plan is to create a visual title sequence where by the cast and crew are introduced and the narrative is illustrated through the use of graphics and visuals.The light hearted music also gives a youthful feel to the sequence. The breakfast club title sequence sets out the stereotypes teens hold within high school in America. I think the idea of representing each social group such as 'the nerd' 'the princess' and 'the jock' is a really good idea as it introduces you to the characters and ther personalities before the film has started. The use of bold red typography throughout American Pies sequences connotes American High School.This font type is also used in films such as high school musical. From both the American Pie and Breakfast club title sequences we have came to conclusion we want to base our sequence around these, with the use of bold, vibrant colours to represent the youthful times of High School.Also we feel that showing the stereotypes of the social groups within a high school is a great idea for a title sequence as it introduces each character and their stereotypical label.This will help us to stick to conventional aspects of High School comedy/dramas with the high school yearbook

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