Me Brittany and Jazmine chose to reshoot the Jock scene and the Geek scene( the geek scene being in the science lab and the jock scene being in the sports hall). We chose to do this as when watching these scenes on the macs they seemed to be shaky which made them come across as unfocused but also we needed to reshoot as we had added the stills of each year book photo physically in to our book after our feedback session and therefore the filming needed to be altered to fit in with this.When refilming it was crucial for us to make sure the camera was steady so we used the steady cam and i filmed it as we learnt that i had the steadiest hand out of the three of us. To support our steady filming,Brittany used the stabilisation tool on final cut to ensure that these scenes were as clear and as stable as possible.Reshooting made a huge improvement to our sequence and made it look a lot more professional.

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