Analysis of our final cut

Our title sequence has come along way since our first screening and feedback session. We learnt that having blank spaces in the book was confusing so we added stills to make the sequence flow more seamlessly. We made improvements to the font as we had added an animation that made it unlegible, this had to be immediatley eradicated as the whole point of a title sequence is to introduce the cast and crew members whilst also giving a preview of the narrative to come. There were also cinematography issues to do with the steadiness of the camera, the lighting and the focus which we tried to improve as best we could. Overall i am happy with our end result and i feel that our hard work has paid off however if time was not an issue there would have been some things that we could have improved further in terms of miss-en-scene for example the lighting when Brittany passed the book to Frankie (the geek) was very dim and it is quite hard to see the full miss-en-scene of this shot such as the setting and the costumes of the characters. However we done the best we could in the time that we had.

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