The 'Jock' scene

For our main Jock we chose to use Jacob.We recruited him as he fits the conventions of the role due to him being physically fit and athletic looking as well as tall. Brittany then recruited 2 year 11 boys to be Jocks in our title sequence and ,like Jacob, they both look physically fit and athletic however they are not as tall as the main jock or as built up this is deliberate as the need to look cool and fit but subordinate to the main Jock as he will be a main character within our film and they will play less prominent roles. For the main Jock we got him to wear a basketball jersey with black shorts as he is a semi-professional basket baller and the other Jocks are wearing white t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms to fit the conventions of them being athletic and 'cool'. When me and Jazmine were filming the boys video's I suggested that Jacob should hold a ball to connote his role as a Jock and i directed him to spin the ball on his finger in his video and then catch in and look straight into the camera so he came across as cocky and confident. With the other two boys, I directed Tommy to brush through his hair with his fingers and look into the camera and Oliver to stroke his facial hair and look into the camera i directed them to do so as it makes them come across as full of themselves which is the stereotype of a Jock. Then me and Jazmine filmed the main Jock walking into the sports hall to open the Jock page in the book, we decided to do it in the sports hall due to the mise-en-scene being conventional to a Jock. 

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