Directing: The Elites yearbook photos and videos

The 'Elite' girls yearbook photos and videos needed to reflect their personalities as being slightly superficial, confident and self obsessed. As i mentioned in my post about the Elite,I directed Brittany to play with her hair then look in to the camera with a neutral facial expression, both Brittany and Jacob finish their videos with a blank facial expression this was deliberate as they are both the main characters within their social group. I directed Ella to play with her ponytail and smile at the camera this reflects her ditsy personality and portrays her as the bimbo of the group which is relevant as she is blonde and this is a stereotype that blondes carry. Ellie blows a kiss in to the camera and smiles this suggests that her character is flirtly and promiscuous which is what I wanted to get across when directing her. None of the actions of each of the girls are suggestive that they are well educated or good people instead they have been represented as superficial, boy orientated(due to them taking pride in their appearances with a full face of makeup and Ellies actions within the video) and unapproachable. This is a very typical representation of Popular girls within high school dramas. Furthermore I think it is clear from the year book videos and photographs that these are your stereotypical popular clique of girls that you would expect to find in a high school drama film. My directing for this particular group was influenced by the films: 'Meangirls' 2004 and 'Clueless'1995.

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