We all went to hobbycraft in the february half term to buy the equipment to make our main prop that leads the narrative: the year book, as we were unable to film in this time due to our title sequence being set in a school. Once we had bought everything we need we spent time in our half term going round to eachothers houses and decorate the book and each page that would feature in our title sequence. Each page decoration connotes the content of that page and the character on it. For example on the geek page we decorated it with badges,books and a 'success' banner these features are conventional of the 'geek' stereotype. The Jock page has trainer stickers and a basket ball sticker which connotes their athletic characteristics. Then on the title pages we added stickers that will illustrate the crew members jobs, for example on the editing page we used a pair of scissors, on costume design a dress sticker and on the sound page an ipod sticker. We have 3D letters which we bought from hobbycraft and used as one of our main fonts throughout the title sequence and as the actual title of our film 'Welling High'.

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