Directing: Jocks yearbook photos and videos

Our initial idea was to illustrate our narrative and titles visually through a year book that includes photos in the style of school year book photographs. We then had the idea to add in videos that demonstrate each characters role within our film. In order to accomplish this I had to direct each actor to act in a way that reflected their characters personality and role within the high school whether that be a Jock, a Geek, a Popular girl or a Freak. This was my favourite part to direct of the title sequence as it was interesting to see the characters that we had imagined and create come to life.

For the Jock's yearbook photos and video's I needed them to act as confident as possible even to the point where it could be percieved as cockiness. Jacob, the main Jock, being the most confident of them all.We filmed Jacob first and we decided it was only right that he used a basketball as a prop in his yearbook video as this was his role within our film, an avid sportsman particularly interested in playing basket ball. I directed him to spin the ball on his finger as he walked in to the frame and then to stop it and abruptly catch it in his hands whilst staring emotionless in to the camera. This worked really well as it was suggestive that Jacob was a show off when it comes to his sportsman skills and was uninterested in all over aspects of school which was portrayed through his emotionless expression at the end of the video. Jacob was the only one out of the three Jocks to wear a basket ball Jersey the other two boys wore just plain white tshirts and tracksuit bottoms, this was due to the fact that we wanted it to be obvious to the audience that Jacob was the man Jock and would have the most significant role in our film.Tommy and Oliver also needed to be percieved as overly confident and so i directed them to act as so.I Asked Tommy to brush his fingers through his hair whilst looking in to the camera which would suggest to the audience that he is looking at his reflection in the camera and fixing his hair before he has his year book photograph taken. This makes him come across as vain as he is taking pride in his appearance. Oliver simarly came across in this way as i directed him to stroke his facial hair and smile and point at the camera, this suggests to the audience that he is a 'cheeky chappy' and like Tommy, quite fond of himself and his appearance. The overall aim was to make the Jocks come across as confident , vain and show off's and I feel like we was successful in doing this.

The Geeks yearbook video was a very steretypical viewpoint of a geeks character traits and personality.     

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