Evaluation part 7: Looking back at your preliminary task,what do you feel you have learnt from it to the full product?

My role within the title sequence was the director and at first i was quite apprehensive of taking on this role as i am not to most authorative or outgoing character, however throughout the process of making the title sequence throughout all the scenes i directed i feel like my confidence improved and i become more assertive and actually ended up enjoying the role.I also learnt a lot about technology as i mentioned earlier, how to navigate around final cut pro and how to use the DSLR properly including focusing it properly and altering the lighting.I have also learnt a lot about working in a group and how to deal within certain things when working with more than one person such as taking everyones ideas in to consideration. The two feedback sessions we had really helped with the process and helped us to learn a lot about other peoples views and preferences which enabled us to improve our title sequence as best we could in order for it to be more appealing.

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