Feedback from initial screening

Feedback presentation from bronte Humphreys

As a group me Brittany and Jazmine gained some constructive feedback from our first screening in class. Our peer group filled out these feedback sheets (in the presentation above) which illustrated to us what had worked within our title sequence, what needed to be improved and what didn't work at all. In general the main elements that people thought worked well was our soundtrack, the editing, the overall narrative ,miss-en-scene and our use of titles. The things that we needed to do to improve were: having the shots that include the videos in the book on for longer so they can be seen more clearly, having the pictures of the characters in the book before the video's appear in order for there not to be any blank spaces on the title pages and the pace needed to be increased by introducing some match on match action shots. The thing that didn't work and would need to be reshot were the pages with blank spaces, in order to change this we have decided that we need to stick the photos of each character in the book and then re-film all the shots that the book was being opened in. Overall this feedback allowed us to identify the improvements we needed to make and eradicate any mistakes that we may have made meaning our title sequence will be better quality. 

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