Catch me if you can title sequence

The catch me if you can title sequence is a very graphic monologue created by Kyle Cooper but inspired by Saul Bass's earlier work such as vertigo. Kyle Cooper is a very successful title sequence designer and has made title sequences for films as prestigious as Home Alone, The Incredible Hulk and Se7en. The narrative of Catch me if you can is set in the 1960s which is reflected within the graphics of the title sequence with the prominant colours and black lines which act out the storyline. The monologue goes through all the main events of the film through just colour and black figures and lines. This is sigificant as it shows how title sequences have come from only displaying the main cast members names to showing a full narrative and in this case representing the events that are to follow within the film. The lines that make up the text in the title sequence create a certain flow to the title sequence and results in the text giving a bigger impact than it would in a filmed title sequence. Kyle Cooper has been very clever and particular with the features he has included in this title sequence to support the narrative, even in his font choices. The typewriter style font is reflective of the main character in the film as he uses a type writer. 

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