Continuity sequence

When we were given the task of making a continuity sequence initially i thought it would be quite simple as, as a group we had lots of ideas of the narrative and how we could incorporate the key elements that we needed to include which were:
  • Match-on action
  • 180 Degrees shot
  • Shot reverse shot to demonstrate a conversation

However when we begun filming our continuity sequence we came across a few hiccups in the process. We initially started filming in a classroom but was interrupted as there was a lesson in there so we had to relocate to a different classroom. We chose to follow the narrative conversation between a teacher and a challenging student, however due to not taking enough shots we did not fufill the 2 minute criteria and the continuity sequence required. Also due to not having enough time the editing was not up to the standard that i would have liked and at some points in the video there is evidence of the camera being unfocused and shakiness. Overall i thought the narrative and acting within the continuity sequence was the most successful part however if i was to have more time i would re shoot the shots that were shakey and spend more time editing to improve the quality of cuts.

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