Our title sequence idea

As a group me Brittany and Jazmine have decided that our title sequence is going to be based on the High school drama genre.We came up with the idea that we will present our title sequence as a year book/scrap book and have the cast and crew members names incorporated in this.As a group we decided to take a more graphic and visual approach with our title sequence instead of showing the narrative through souly filming actors. Then i suggested that we should use moving pictures within the year book to reflect each characters role within the film and this was really popular within our group and others in our class when we was discussing our idea.We took influences from the films such as Mean Girls, Clueless,High School musical,the breakfast club and American Pie.These films all follow the conventions of a high school drama and share the target audience of teenagers. 
The codes and conventions of a high school drama are:

  • Generic,stereotypical characters/cliques E.G 'The Jocks', 'The Populars','The Geeks','The freaks' e.c.t.
  • A romantic sub-plot
  • Settings: High school- corridor,locker rooms,field/gym,the cafeteria The mall,characters houses.
  • Typical teen issues:boy problems, winning prom queen,peer pressure, being an outcast.
  • Rebellion
We looked at the style of the title sequences of the films that ours is inspired by and found that our idea of a year book not only conforms to the style of the genre but is unique and therefore we decided to go forward with our idea.

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